Artists and Contributors

Rush KressRush Kress - Editor-in-chief, Artist, Writer
Rush grew up in New York City around the Old Masters and classical art, of which the Bible is a common subject. After graduating from the University of Arizona, he found his calling and headed back East to attend the illustrious Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art.  It was with the the mere utterance of a friend that the idea for Bible-toons hit him like a thunderbolt.

Eric Kirchberg - Artist
Bostonian Eric grew up on a steady diet of creature double feature, Doctor Who and Marvel Comics.  After graduating from Monserrat College of Art he saw the light and went to the Joe Kubert School.  He now lives in Massachusetts with his wife, daughter, cat and 2 dogs. See more art of Eric’s art here

Jenaro Pagan - Artist
Jenaro was born in Puerto Rico and since the age of 5 he showed interest in drawing all the way through high school.  He earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez.  After that he went to the Joe Kubert School (there seems to be a theme here).  He has done work for Arcana Comics as well as numerous private commissions and art shows.  He is currently working on his webcomic.  For more of Jenaro's work, click here.

Jessica GoldbergJessica Goldberg - Writer
Jessica has written for Rock The Park on ABC, Spider Magazine from the Cricket Children's Magazine Group, and now Bible-toons with Churchie Comics. One of her favorite things about Bible stories is reading them carefully, to see how many super heroines she can find.

Jesse KarpJesse Karp - Writer
Jesse is the author of the young adult novels Those That Wake and What We Become, as well as the nonfiction Graphic Novels in Your School Library (illustrated by Rush Kress) and is co-creator (also along with Mr. Kress) of the comic strip Dr. Lollipop.  His articles and reviews appear regularly in Booklist Magazine and at Booklist Online.  He is an educator and librarian at LREI, in independent school in New York City.  His website is

Adam VivinusAdam Vicinus - Web Developer
Adam likes to solve problems. He is the founder of Bowst and has worked with clients including MIT, City of Portsmouth and Showcase Cinemas.