Bible themed mini-comics for your congregation or household.

One of my greatest aspirations as a pastor is to spark the biblical imagination. Bible-toons serves as a visio divina, allowing youth (and the young at heart) to not just read or hear but immerse themselves in the biblical story
–– and envisage their place in it.

Fr. Joseph Wolyniak, Christ Church Denver

Biblical truths and personal encounters with the divine have been stirring hearts and spirits since the very beginning – with much credit due to the many inspired storytellers, interpreters, and teachers across the ages. Churchie Comics is a much anticipated new-comer to the craft of Judeo-Christian storytelling. 

Anthony Carrella, Director of Christian Education and Lifelong Learning Coordinator.


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The Bible is a rich and limitless source of incredible stories and adventures and Bible-toons is chock full of them!


Comics are an easy and accessible way to take in the Bible's stories and parables. Bible-toons is not just for kids, you know.


Each issue of Bible-toons fits on one sheet of paper. Just print it out on your church's printer and fold it in half. Print as many copies as you want!